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curious about what online mortgage lending can do for you?

Why We Are Here

MortgageClick knows that all credit unions can offer their members the best home financing experience anywhere. Our goal is to provide access to the Mortgage Cadence - Loan Fulfillment Center, the state-of-the-art mortgage technology solution that enables credit unions need to provide mortgage services to their members, whenever and however they prefer --- during “business hours” or late at night; alone at their computer, in an office dealing personally with a loan officer, or on the phone via a call center. Our solution reaches across demographic lines, appealing equally to older members, for whom computers are still somewhat intimidating, and members of Gens Y and X, born, it seems, with computer chips in their brains, who expect to do virtually everything on-line.

There are some things we don’t do. MortgageClick does not originate, buy or sell loans. Therefore, we don’t compete with credit unions. We don’t come between credit unions and their members. We give credit unions the cutting edge tools they need to excel in their markets and to provide an exceptional home financing experience.

The MortgageClick Team