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MortgageClick believes that all credit unions should be able to offer their members the best mortgage services available anywhere. Our goal is to provide state-of-the art mortgage technology to credit unions.

The technology, powered by the Prime Alliance Solution, combines Desktop Underwriter® – Fannie Mae’s powerful automated underwriting system – with an advanced Web-based mortgage processing technology platform developed by Boeing Employees' Credit Union and Dexma, to create a loan application and approval system that is fast, efficient, and cost-effective for credit unions and their members.

“Every credit union can benefit from the Prime Alliance system,” says Joe Zampitella, founder of MortgageClick. “But most credit unions can’t easily afford the $50,000 up-front investment required to acquire the platform, plus the sizable ongoing costs of programming and maintaining the system. MortgageClick has made that investment and is making the Prime Alliance program available to all credit unions.”

The product of a top-to-bottom rethinking of the whole loan origination process, the Prime Alliance system is designed from the borrower’s perspective, but with the needs of both borrowers and lenders in mind. The system:

  • Reduces the information required on a loan application to the bare minimum amount of data required to approve a loan. This boils down to 10 key questions.

• Streamlines the loan origination and approval process. Borrowers complete an on-line application with 25 clicks in minutes and receive a printed loan approval on the spot, either in their home or in a credit union office.

• Reduces origination costs. Because credit unions can process more loans more quickly, they can both reduce the fees they charge members and increase the revenue generated by their mortgage business. Year after Year, the Fannie Mae Mortgage Focus study shows that Prime Alliance users have the lowest cost to originate a mortgage loan.

• Eliminates the need for specialized training to process loan applications. Credit union members can apply on-line on their own, by telephone through a credit union call center, or at the credit union, where virtually any credit union employee can walk them through the process. Regardless of where or how members apply, the loan application and approval process will be the same, ensuring a consistent, positive and convenient experience.

• Allows credit unions to control the member relationship. With access to the Prime Alliance Solution, the smallest credit unions can originate mortgages in-house, instead of sending members elsewhere for those essential services.

“To compete, credit unions must offer the most advanced solutions and provide the best services and the best experiences for their members. That’s what MortgageClick can do,” Dan Hanlon, chief operating officer for the company, explains.

MortgageClick does not originate, buy or sell loans; it simply provides access to the Prime Alliance system along with the training and technology support credit unions need to use it. Those support services include customizing a MortgageClick Web site for participating credit unions. Members who apply on line will do so through their own credit union, not by going to an unrelated mortgage processing site. “From start to finish, this is structured as a service the credit union itself is providing,” Hanlon explained. “This is all about re-enforcing the message that credit unions can meet all of their members’ financial needs.”

After the initial one time customization cost, Credit unions only pay for transaction fees for each loan processed with the Prime Alliance technology. Credit unions can hold the loans they originate in their portfolios if they choose; or, since the files have received Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriting approval, sell the loan on the secondary market.

“The goal is to simplify the mortgage process for credit unions by making it easier and less expensive for their members,” Stan Kutzko, chief information officer for MortgageClick, says. “That’s our business. Our plan is to put MortgageClick in the hands of every credit union that wants to provide world class mortgage services and a world class loan experience to their members, which, we think, ought to be just about every credit union.”

MortgageClick also provide credit unions access to the Prime Alliance Loan Fulfillment Center (LFC). The LFC adds onto the front end multi-channel origination process to allow credit unions the ability to process, close, post close and deliver loans to the secondary market. Since the LFC is based on the same technology, origination through closing is handled seamlessly all on one platform. Combining both of these pieces of provides a complete, Intelligent, Web Delivered, and Streamlined solution at an affordable price.

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