Setup and Implementation

The setup and implementation for a MortgageClick site is typically completed in 30 days. The MortgageClick team engages in an interactive approach that smoothly handles each step of the process to ensure very little, if any disruption to your ongoing mortgage business.

Site Customization

A MortgageClick site that is privately branded for the Credit Union that includes customized rates, fees and products. We test the site internally once it is complete and provide the live site for further refinement to the Credit Union. Once accepted, the site is ready to go live. At this point you are ready for staff training!


MortgageClick provides a train the trainer approach. Your key people will be trained and will be ready to hit the ground running. These individuals are trained on your private label MortgageClick web site to help gain familiarity with the screens and process. Training on your actual site also ensures the site is thoroughly explored before you bring it live on your web site.

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