Our solution starts with a problem

Current mortgage processes are not member friendly, are very cumbersome, typically are too intrusive for the average member and generate more paper than the Credit Union requires. Members applying online typically are presented the static 1003. If they come to the Credit Union, they are typically directed to the mortgage expert who may not be available or is housed in a different location creating a service bottleneck. As a result, service levels suffer, members do not receive the same consistent experience and misinformation may be provided by helpful but untrained staff.

Prime Alliance set out with the goal to make the mortgage experience better by improving the service levels and reducing the time spent gathering and generating paper. In short, listening to your members needs rather than collecting documents is a better use of your staff's time and provides a welcome experience. The result is a totally new streamlined 1003. This application was developed to collect only the data needed by Fannie Mae for the Credit Union to approve the loan. With only ten questions and twenty-five mouse clicks, your members or staff can apply and be approved for a mortgage. No longer does your member wait days or even weeks for an answer, with MortgageClick they receive an approval from the Credit Union in minutes with a recommendation that is powered by Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter®.

Credit Unions have quickly realized this is not just an internet solution. The ease of use that was initially developed for consumer use translates to a technology that makes others in the Credit Union a mortgage "expert." This removes the service bottleneck in the mortgage process, improves member satisfaction and the mortgage area now is able to spend more time working on the tougher loans or purchase transactions where they help more members get to the closing table.


A Consistent Member Experience

Regardless of the members's point of entry into the mortgage process, MortgageClick provides the same positive, consistent experience.

Through the Credit Union's web site, the member can explore customized loan options, use the calculators, learn about the process and if poised to move forward, they can self-originate their own file and receive an approval letter within minutes.

If the member is not comfortable completing the application online, a loan officer, call center representative, or member service representative can access the application and complete the request on their behalf.

Regardless of the method the member chooses to apply for a mortgage, MortgageClick asks the same questions and the loan will be originated, and approved in the same amount of time. The end result is a seamless experience that exceeds your member's expectations.


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