Meet the MortgageClick Team


Dan Hanlon

  Dan Hanlon is responsible for the Company’s daily operations and customer relations. He has spent over 20 years working in the mortgage industry managing operations, underwriting and secondary market functions at a number of local and regional institutions. During the last eight years he held various management and operations positions at Members Mortgage Company, a New England based institution that provides all aspects of residential loan services credit unions. While there he assisted a number of credit union develop and expand their mortgage departments.

Dan has also taught classes and spoken at a number of seminars on topics relating to the mortgage industry. Dan, a graduate of Syracuse University with an M.B.A. from Boston College, lives in Arlington Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

The mortgage industry remains extremely competitive; to expand business opportunities and retain members, credit unions must provide the best solutions. MortgageClick is the solution that provides the credit union with an on-line approval option resulting in a consistently positive member experience. Dan is available to explain the MortgageClick advantage. You can contact Dan via email at


Stan Kutzko

  Stan Kutzko is the Senior Project Analyst at MortgageClick. Stan is responsible to oversee all the aspects from the creation of the MortgageClick sites, through implementation and training. With over 18 years of mortgage banking experience he has worked in both small community based institutions to the largest lenders holding the number one share in the mortgage market.

Stan’s most recent experience is with Member’s Mortgage Company where he trained and implemented Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® as a point of sale tool. This transition increased Members Mortgage origination volume 10 times while keeping staff costs considerably lower. As a result, Members Mortgage is the top credit union lender in the New England marketplace.

Based upon that success, Members Mortgage launched a correspondent lending program which was powered by Fannie Mae’s Desktop Originator®. This technology helped other Credit Unions leverage the power of Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® and allowed them to provide the same point of sale tools used by the largest lenders.

When used as a point of sale tool, Desktop Underwriter® is an extremely powerful tool. However, the limitation is that it requires a well trained staff with specific non-transferable skill sets.

Let Stan show you how MortgageClick can free up the mortgage bottleneck and by using your call center, member service representatives, and even your members to originate loans. This will reduce your cost per loan, allow you to originate more loans and generate more revenue for the Credit Union. You can contact Stan via email at

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