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curious about what online mortgage lending can do for you?

What We Do

Our solution starts with a problem. Credit union mortgage origination services are too often cumbersome and inefficient, produce more paperwork than anyone needs or wants. Members become frustrated and the loan staff struggles as volumes peak. MortgageClick offers an alternative that:

  • Streamlines the loan origination and approval process. Our dynamic on-line application – the most user-friendly you will find anywhere ¾ asks only the questions needed to approve the loan based on individual member profiles. From start to end the application processes takes only 10-15 minutes, but a lot occurs in that time. Not only does the solution capture all the essential underwriting information on the application, it also generates a response to the borrower in the form of an approval letter and produces a loan disclosure package, which your members can access, safely, securely and electronically. The MortgageClick solution doesn’t just match the services of competitors; it gives credit unions a distinct advantage over them.

  • Empowers members. Using the credit union’s branded site, members can research their loan options and then apply on their own schedule – through the site, via telephone or in the credit union office. Regardless of how, where, or when your members apply, their experience will be consistent, convenient, seamless and satisfying.

  • Empowers credit union staff. The fully-automated, straightforward loan processing system requires minimal training to make the credit union’s staff loan origination “experts,” capable of answering members’ questions and guiding them through the application process. No more application bottlenecks. No more waiting for a busy loan officer to respond to members’ calls. Every member of the credit union staff can be part of your mortgage origination team.

  • Puts credit unions in the driver’s seat. From start to finish, the loan origination process is structured as a credit union service. Your members apply through the credit union’s site or by working with credit union representatives. Because credit unions control the loan approval process, they never lose control of the member relationship. And because credit unions control the loans, they make their mortgage business work for them, not for a third party. Credit unions can hold the loans they originate in their portfolio or sell them in the secondary market, retaining the servicing or not, as business conditions or their strategic planning needs require.

  • Provides an affordable, cost-effective mortgage solution for any size credit union.

  • Responds to change. The technology is continually updated. As the business changes so does the technology. MortgageClick provides standard configuration updates. If your set-up changes, we will change with you.

Getting Started