Our solution starts with a problem: the mortgage origination services available to lenders are cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient.


MortgageClick’s services are tailored to you, and your customers', needs. You’re not locked into an expensive, high-volume contract. We share our technology solutions, and work together to meet high-volume transaction threshholds and keep fees low.


We provide access to MortgageCadence/Accenture technology— the best in the business, widely used by America’s biggest lenders. You’re getting access to a top-of-the-line loan operating system.


Since 2003, we’ve been working with lenders to make home mortgages possible. We understand how important your customers are—and we’re here to help you help them.

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“Ensuring that our members, realtors and builders have the best experience possible is always our goal. The Mortgage Cadence software provides us with advanced capabilities in a robust platform to ensure a smooth process from the time of application to the time of funding.”

-- Charles Goss, Security Service Federal Credit Union’s EVP, Chief of Lending. Read more about his experience with MortgageCadence technology.
Watch an introduction to the MortgageCadence/Accenture technology:


  • Point of Sale Solution. The industry’s most integrated borrower and Point of Sale solution. Increase your lending channels; borrowers can apply online, with a loan officer, in a branch, or on the phone and the seamless process can be completed in minutes. The entire application is retained in your Loan Origination System—there’s no need to export to another platform to process.
  • All-Inclusive System. Our "single system of record" platform manages the mortgage process from application through post-closing. There's no need to import or export to other systems. One comprehensive system is more efficient, and the single system maintains data integrity-- reducing processing errors from trying to pull data from multiple platforms.
  • Dynamic Workflow. MortgageClick offers a configurable rules engine integrated with third party solutions to improve data validation and automation. With this, you can close loans faster-- and the efficiencies gained lower per-loan labor costs. You have the power to manage products and pricing in the system yourself, to take the error risk out of the equation.
  • Stay on Top of Compliance. Mortgage lending rules and requirements are constantly evolving. The Mortgage Cadence legal team participates in product development, ensuring that the system meets or exceeds all requirements.
  • Document Integrity. All your documents are on one platform, embedded and fully integrated. No need to worry what documents are necessary for each file-- you can rest easy knowing that your loans are fully compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Home Equity Loans and HELOC. Originate your Home Equity Loans and HELOCs right from your mortgage system. Use one system to originate all your mortgage products from start to finish, secure in the knowledge that you're TRID compliant. Allow your borrowers to apply for their Home Equity Loans and HELOCs when, where, and how they want.

There are some things we don’t do. MortgageClick does not originate, buy or sell loans. We don’t compete with you. We give you the cutting edge tools you need to excel in your markets and to provide an exceptional home financing experience.